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L. Cary Orton, D.D.S., M.S.D.          Root Canal Specialist

Patient Testimonials

Dr. Orton,  Ok, I never thought I would say this but....My root canal was a positive experience!!  You even gave the initial shots with only a minimum amount of discomfort!  I liked the atmosphere of your office.  Your staff members were professional and friendly (I really appreciated the follow-up call!). I will recommend your office highly, and I will encourage my dentist to keep referring patients to you. 
            Warmest regards,

            Angela J.

I received the dreaded “root canal” diagnosis from my dentist and was referred to Dr. Orton at Orton Endodontics.  I will testify, I was terrified.  The root canal procedure I received at Orton Endodontics was virtually painless!  In fact it was actually the most pleasant, and I mean pleasant! dental experience I have ever had, including having my teeth cleaned.  I experienced no pain at all from the numbing process to finish.  Dr. Orton utilizes the latest state-of-the art technology that I have ever seen.  I was very impressed.

            Marie A.

Thanks for the wonderful pain-free treatment.  I never had a better experience at the dentist. 
           Thank you!

           Chuck M.

I just wanted to send a note saying thank you for being such an honest practice.  Your office always creates such a welcoming environment and I appreciate your friendly service.  I'm sure I will be at your office again someday, but until then, I will make sure to send friends and family in need your way. 
           Thanks again,

           Abby C.

Just a short note to say thank you for the excellent job you did on my root canal.  I had no real pain and didn't have to take anything for pain.  I went right to my general dentist and he finished the restoration - again, no pain!  You both must be thanked. 

           Warmest regards,

           Libby C.

Dr. Orton,  It is nice to see an honest dentist and business man. 

           Vanessa L.

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